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Harper’s Song for Upper and Lower Atlantia

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Short Description: 

Ancient Egyptian poem on the impermanence of existence (18th Dynasty)

Poem (Canso): 

Worthy sons and daughters of Anuket,
Do not store all your incense and oils
your necklaces and net dresses up
Solely for use in the necropolis.
Burn the oil now, drape yourself in lapis
and eat a pharoah’s fine feast
Anoint yourselves with myrrh
and let holiday never cease
For there comes in good measure
A time when all men must sleep
Anubis weighs all hearts in judgment
From the greatest unto the least
If you enjoy your moment beneath
the course of Re’s celestial chariot
the seat that waits for you in the West
will not be the less splendid for it
Drink deep now of the barley beer
of your best beloved vintage, for
when he walks the Field of Reeds,
Bakaa the brewer will labor no more.
Look to the city! Do you see
Hammers making their dull music?
The iron beat of weary work drowns
the silver notes of the temple lutists.
The deaf ears of the artisans have forgotten
In the land of Egypt none may tarry long
Look to the pasture! Do you see
The young grass that bull is browsing?
That slender stalk of papyrus, half his age,
that he pulls into his eager mouthing?
The dancing girl that scribe is kissing
Will not follow him into the tomb.